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TGTECH is an online and onsite tech support company . We help maintain small home or offices network and midsize companies and for that we offer budgets of $1,000 to $2,000 per month* (upto 10 computers). Our philosophy, approach, and strategies are built around delivering results that matter to our clients.

We are young, high energy and passionate about results. We are motivated by the belief that any network can be better. Once a goal is met, another is set. We love helping our clients succeed, then succeed faster. Our beliefs and company culture are the primary factors in our clients and our own continued success.

We value our clients and ensure everything is in place to drive each campaign to success and to solidify a long term relationship. Do great for our clients, they tell others. Repeat.

We follow strict and ethical guidelines .

We provide services and consulting and technical support services that offer you the best product and advice for all your products. We have been satisfying customers from over a half decade and are sure that you will find our Remote Managed Services to be the IT solutions that meets your needs and fits with your demands.

Our dedicated & highly qualified team of experts not only serves just the needs of businesses, but also have products that fit residential customers as well. No project or job is too big or small for our services experts. We will make sure that you will receive the most reliable and satisfactory services available and in a timely fashion.

We have exceptional satisfactory rate with residential customers with one personal computer as well as with larger businesses, serviceing all their devices on location, and remote, and the peripherals that need to be running smoothly for the business to succeed. .


We are specialized in offering remote PC support. Our experts will connect to your PC remotely to turn down the issues for you, while you can relax and watch the steps. You can contact us from any part of the world and we will ensure that all the issues with your PC are successfully resolved and that you are completely satisfied with the solutions offered.

Our Service

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Instant professional help provided by our certified technicians.

Customer Satisfaction

TGTECH customer satisfaction and resolution rates are amongst the highest in the tech support industry. Powerful knowledge base, combined with a personalization engine and proprietary processes delivers a seamless service to customers anywhere.

24x7 Support

At TGTECH, the PC support services is extensive and it is to give any PC user’s confidence quotient a boost. We run 24x7 with quick resolution for any issue occured in your Personal Computer. We Work faster, Work smarter & Work safer.

Our Profile

TGTECH is a leading provider of tech support services to consumers and small businesses across a wide range of computing and communications devices and software. TGTECH services are available on a 24x7 basis.

You can discuss the problem with us over the phone or chat.