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PC Protection

With overflowing of the flood-gates of cyber sphere with abundance of jackanapes, PC security has marched into a persistent vacuity. With TGTECH, quality PC security services are offered....

Virus Removal

Does your PC repudiate to buzz an inch? Or, behaving like a mad dog? It's a sure shot clincher that virus has sneaked into your system, clandestinely. There are more than 50,000 known computer viruses!...

PC / Laptop Support

Fixing a laptop is now more or less a child's play, all thanks to TGTECH. Now no more jostling with those fidgety laptop hitches as TGTECH brings for you a complete breather from persisting laptop troubles...

Software Support

Amid the crucial office and business work if your system hangs up or corrupts, do not panic but call TGTECH. We at TGTECH provide you the best software support and help you overcome software error issues...

System 32 Error

Stuck fast with system 32 error? Just a call to TGTECH and see your system 32 error wiped within minutes! Our Certified Technicians give you top-notch support to get you free from the clench of System 32 error...

Setup & Install

We will help protect your privacy, data and online identity. We offer expert security services to protect your computer...

who we are

TGTECH is a leading provider of tech support services to consumers and small businesses across a wide range of computing and communications devices and software. Leveraging its proprietary iMantra software technology platform, TGTECH delivers support services to millions of customers globally and its services are available on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year. With a growing global footprint, TGTECH services are available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and UAE.

When your PC, tablet, printer or mobile device gives you trouble, get expert tech support, fast. We have the fastest turnaround time for onsite services at your home and at your workplace. Call us, and we will immediately connect you with a Certified Tech Support Engineer in your area. Across the US, we have more than 1000 such professionals who are simply the best in the business.

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TGTECH Techies delivers tech support services for thousands of our customers' computers and we guarantee an outstanding experience

Melissa C.

was alerted to the fact that I had a trojan, after a window popped up, warning me of it, when I clicked on a Website. Kevin helped me to clear up the many hundreds of infections I had on my Dell laptop. He was helpful, courteous, and friendly. I recommend him highly!

Tadie K.

Thomas and his tech team made me feel at ease ,and have been professional and superb in their help with fixing all the things, so very wrong with my computer,and save my network. they were a joy to deal with and I wish them all things good in their continued success....

Brandi T.

Parker Wells was so patient, kind, and helpful in helping me to understand the difference between infections to my devices vs my network and how important it is to have them cleaned and maintained regularly to prevent virus, spyware, Trojan, etc from causing damage. I never realized a computer could actually live 20 years!


He work with me over a hour but he DID IT. Give him a $50.00 tip please.i was very satisfied with him he didt give up on me I missed up and he did not get upset . The man just keep work. he made me very happy . He made a impossible job real. I need this for my church thank you so much .